Ernst Knepper | i |
last name: Knepper
first name: Ernst
birthday: 1925

Ernst Knepper was in the 1960s and later a well known enfant terrible in the area around Stuttgart, Germany. He had studied some physics and philosophy, and for some while was a lecturer at the Werkkunstschule Darmstadt.

He was seen at lectures by Max Bense and at openings of art exhibitions. He liked to shock people at public events.

He tried to force the Staatliche Akademie der K√ľnste Stuttgart to use computers as tools for designers, artists, and architects. For this purpose, he “donated” two complete but disassembled SEL ER 56 computers to the school. In an overnight action he managed to maneuver the two piles of electronic and mechanical equipment (weighing 25 tons) into the academy’s showroom. The academy filed a lawsuit. {This text to be expanded.}

There is some evidence to claim that these two computers were among the first ever to be delivered (in a very special way, however) to a school of fine art.

Further research pending.

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