Želimir Koščević | i |
last name: Koščević
first name: Želimir

As part of the tendencije 4 (tendencies 4) exhibitions, Koščević organized the exhibition “Typoetry” (with Željka Čorak and Biljana Tomić). It took place at the Students Center Gallery in Zagreb, from May 6 to 24, 1969.

The term typoetry was meant to identify “visual research based on the primary elements of visual (concrete) poetry”. And the “primary elements” were the letters of the (Latin) alphabet. Whereas concrete poetry is often based on words of the language that, necessarily, carry meaning, typoetry reduces further to the characters of writing in their purely visual appearance, without any meaning.


xx Studies art history and ethnology at University of Zagreb (Croatia)
1965-66 Works at Muzej za umjetnost i obrt (Museum of Arts and Crafts)
1966 Director of Galerija Studentskog centra (Students Center Gallery)
1969 Organizes exhibition Typoetry at Tendencies 4, May 6-24, in Zagreb
1973 Takes part in Symposium Tendencies 5, June 1 to July 1, in Zagreb
1978 Takes part in Symposium Tendencies 6. Art and Society, Oct. 13-14, in Zagreb
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