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last name: Brown
first name: Paul
birthday: October 23, 1947
birth-place: Halifax (Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

Paul Brown is an artist, writer and educator who has specialised in art, science & technology since the late-1960s and in computational & generative art since the mid 1970s.

In 1984 he was the founding head of the United Kingdom’s National Centre for Computer Aided Art and Design and in 1994 he returned to Australia after a two-year appointment as Professor of Art and Technology at Mississippi State University to head Griffith University’s Multimedia Unit. In 1996 he was the founding Adjunct Professor of Communication Design

at Queensland University of Technology. From 1997-99 he was Chair of the Management Board of the Australian Network for Art Technology and he is a member of the Editorial Advisory Boards for LEA, the e-journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (MIT Press) and the journal Digital Creativity (Routledge).

He is currently Chair of the Computer Arts Society (CAS) and moderator of the DASH (Digital ArtS Histories) and CAS e-lists.

1965 – 68 Manchester College of Art & Design
1977 Faculty of Art & Design, Liverpool Polytechnic, BA Fine Art
1979 Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, HDFA
1980 Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy.
1981 Memoria nella Informatica, Milan, Italy.
1984 ACM SIGGRAPH 84 Electronic Theatre, Minneapolis, USA.
1986 ACM SIGGRAPH 86 Art Show, Dallas, USA.
1990 Authored – Metamedia and Cyberspace – advanced computers
and the future of art, chapter in Heywood, P, Ed., Culture
Technology and Creativity in the Late 20th Century.
Arts Council of Great Britain/John Lebby Press. October 1990.
1992-99 Edited fineArt forum . Online Art Zine.
1993 Authored – Computational Design – a new paradigm for art and
design education. T.H.E Journal . December 1993
1997 Alien Spaces, Gilchrist Gallery, Brisbane, Solo Show
Sapporo International Print Biennale, Japan , Sponsors’ Prize
1998 Touchware, ACM SIGGRAPH 98 Art Show, Orlando, USA.
1999 TechnOasis, ACM SIGGRAPH 99 Art Show, Los Angeles, USA.
2000 International Print Triennial, Cracow, Poland, September 2000
Spent as artist-in-residence at the Centre for Computational
Neuroscience and Robotics at the University of Sussex in
Brighton, England.
2001 Microwave International Media Art Festival 2001, Hong Kong.
2002-05 Visiting fellow in the School of History of Art, Film and Visual
Media at Birkbeck College, University of London, working on the
CACHe (Computer Arts, Contexts, Histories, etc…) project
2002 ARTE.RED 2002: ARCO, Madrid, Spain.
2003 Authored ‘The Idea Becomes a Machine – AI and A life in Early
British Computer Art, Consciousness Reframed’.
2005-08 Visiting professor and artist-in-residence in the Dept. of
Informatics at the University of Sussex where he is working on a
project to evolve robots that can draw.
2005 Generative-x, OneDotZero9, ICA, London, England.
Summer of Love, TATE Liverpool, England.
2006 Intersections, SIGGRAPH 06 Art Show, Boston, USA.
Canariasmediafest06, Las Palmas, Gran Caneria, Spain.
2007 Gamut II, 4th Novosibirsk International Festival, Russia.
2008 ‘Imaging by Numbers: A Historical View of the Computer Print’,
Block Museum, Evanston, Illinois.
CYNETart, 12th International Festival for Computer-Based Art,
Kunsthaus Dresden, Germany.
Authored -The Mechanisation of Art, chapter in Husbands,
P et al (Eds.), The Mechanical of Mind in History, MIT Press, 2008
2009 Authored – ‘From System Art to Artificial Life’, chapter in ‘White Heat
and Cold Logic: British Computer Arts 1960 – 1980: An historical
and critical analysis’, Gere, C et al (Eds.), MIT Press, 2009.
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