Maughan Sterling Mason | i |
last name: Mason
first name: Maughan Sterling
birthday: April 5, 1931
birth-place: Ogden, UT (USA)
death date: October 3, 2003
died in: San Jose, CA (USA)

Maughan S. Mason was one of those computer programmers of the earliest years of computer art whose name appeared all of a sudden and almost out of nowhere, and who disappeared similarly fast. Very little is known about what he did when and where, and what his ambitions may have been in terms of art, more than some accidental experiments. He would probably be considered to have been one of those computer experts who were later often termed “they were only engineers and mathematicians”.

*In April and May of ???, Mason presented his analogue computer graphics in a solo exhibition at the Salt Lake Center in Salt Lake City (Utah, USA).


The exhibition of works by A, Michael Noll and Bela Julesz that was shown in April, 1965, at the Howard Wise Gallery in New york, later that year was put up at the then important Fall Joint Computer Conference in Las Vegas, NV, Maughan S. Mason was honored by adding his analog drawings to the show.


Great-grandson of Peter Mahghan, one of the first settlers of Cache Valley
1952 BS in Physics (Brigham Young University, Provo, UT)
1953 MS in Physics (also from there)
His work career took him to White Sands Missile Range near Las Cruces, NM; he was head of the Analog Simulation Lab at Triokol Chemical Co. in Brigham City, UT; president of the Society for Computer Simulation; retired from IBM, Palo Alto, CA, after 25 years of working as a computer programmer.

posted over 9 years ago
Good evening. I am Shawn Mason, Maughan's son. Thanks for your article. I enjoyed reading about my dad's work. Just a quick note - he worked at Thiokol not Trikol and was the great grandson of Peter Maughan. Thanks again!
posted over 6 years ago
Paul Stout here, Shawn's nephew and Maughan's grandson. Very interesting read indeed. Loved reading up on Grandpa's life
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