Stan VanDerBeek | i |
last name: VanDerBeek
first name: Stan
also known as: Stanley Van Der Beek or Vanderbeek
birthday: January 6, 1927
birth-place: New York, NY (USA)
death date: September 19, 1984
died in: Baltimore, MD (USA)

“A pioneer in the development of experimental film and live-action animation techniques, Stan VanDerBeek achieved widespread recognition in the American avant-garde cinema. An advocate of the application of a utopian fusion of art and technology, he began making films in 1955. In the 1960s, he produced theatrical, multimedia pieces and computer animation, often working in collaboration with Bell Telephone Laboratories. In the 1970s, he constructed a “Movie Drome” in Stony Point, New York, which was an audiovisual laboratory for the projection of film, dance, magic theater, sound and other visual effects. His multimedia experiments included movie murals, projection systems, planetarium events and the exploration of early computer graphics and image-processing systems.
VanDerBeek was also intimately involved with the artists and art movements of his time; he filmed Happenings and merged dance with films and videos. VanDerBeek was a preeminent thinker, scientist, artist, and inventor who forged new links between art, technology, perception, and humankind. In 1966, he wrote a visionary manifesto about man losing his way in his place on earth and the power of artists to rectify the course." [Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), 2011]


1952 Certificate of Art, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, NY
1957 Doctorate (Honorary,) Black Mountain College, Asheville, NC
1972 Doctorate (Honorary,) Cooper Union, New York, NY
1960 New Medium-New Forms, Martha Jackson Gallery, New York, NY
1965(?) The World of Stanley VanDerBeek, The Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY
1968 The Projected Image, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA
1969 Cybernetic Serendipity, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA
Found Forms, Intermedia Festival, Tokyo, Japan
1970 Vision and Television, Billy Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, MA
Telephone Mural Project, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
Telephone Mural Project, Arranged by The Institute of Contemporary Art at the following locations:
Boston City Hall, Children’s Museum, DeCordova Museum and The Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
Exploration, MIT Hayden Gallery, Cambridge, MA (Group show)
1971 Information Center, Sao Paulo Biennial with the MIT Center of Advanced Visual Studies, Sao Paulo,
1972 Video Program, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
Multiple Interaction Team, MIT, Cambridge; Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago; The Franklin Institute,
Philadelphia, PA; Palace of Arts and Sciences, San Francisco
Cine Dreams: Cinema of The Mind, Strasenburgh Planetarium, Rochester, NY
1973 33rd Annual Exhibition of the Society for Contemporary Art, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
1974 Cine-Naps, University of South Florida Planetarium, with Ruth Abraham
1975 Fog Mist and Dreams presented at Art Transition in collaboration with Joan Brigham, sponsored by MIT
1976 Machine Art: An Exhibit of “Inter-Graphich” by Professor Stan VanDerBeek, U.M.B.C. Library Gallery,
Baltimore, Maryland
Under Aquarius an event in the Alumni Pool at MIT in collaboration with Joan Brigham
1977 Stan VanDerBeek Retrospective, Anthology Film Archives
Under Aquarius in collaboration with Joan Brigham, Hampshire College, MA
1979-80 Steam Screens, film performance in collaboration with Joan Brigham, Whitney Museum of American Art,
New York, NY
1983 Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
1984 Fluxus, etc.: The Gilbert and Lila Silverman Collection, Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, Texas
The American Independent Cinema: 1958-1964, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
1986 ACM SIGGRAPH Art Show, Film and Video Exhibition, Dallas, Texas
1996 Beat Culture and the New America: 1950-1965, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
1997 European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, Germany
2001 Stan VanDerBeek: A Space Art Visionary of the Sixties and Seventies, Outer Space – Cyber Space, Art Workshop in Boulogne Billancourt, France
2002 Crime and Punishment, Balagan, Brookline, Massachusetts
2003 Stan VanDerBeek, Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY
2004 4D in the Filmmuseum, Dutch Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
History from the Avant-Garde Film: Stan VanDerBeek, Balagan, Brookline, Massachusetts.
May 2004 Monthly Selection, Electronic Arts Intermix, New York, NY
2005 Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, England
1960’s Electric Arts: From Kinetic Sculpture to Media Environments, Seattle Art Museum Downtown, Seattle, Washington
Newsreel of Dreams 1, Independent Film Show 5th Edition, EM-Arts, Napoli, Italy
2006 Silver Screens to Liquid Crystals: Screen Studies Conference, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Le Mouvement Des Images, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
The Expanded Eye: Film Screenings (Cybernetica / Early Computer Films and Film as Material),
Kunsthaus Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland
2007 Genesis: Life at the End of the Information Age, Central Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands
bit international –[Nove] Tendencije – Computer and Visual Research, curated by Darko Fritz, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria
Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
2008 Paul McCarthy’s Low Life Slow Life: Part 1, CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA
Stan VanDerBeek Works from 1950 – 1980, Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY
Pretty Ugly, Maccarone, New York, NY
Communication Breakdown, Edlin Gallery, New York, NY (Sept. 13 – Oct. 25, 2008) Galerie Impaire,
Paris, France (Sept. 24 – Nov. 2, 2008)
Stan VanDerBeek, Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY (Sept. 13 – Oct. 18, 2008)
1960 Film of Snapshots from the City, performance at Judson Gallery with Claus Oldenburg, New York, NY
1963-65 Conceived and built “Movie-drome” Stony Point, NY
1964 “Major Films of Stan VanDerBeek” Presented by the Experimental Film Society, Washington Square Theatre, New York, NY
1965 Vision of ’65, Lincoln Center, New York, Berlin, Vienna, Copenhagen, Carbondale, Ill.
1965-66 Films Screened, Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, New York, NY
1966 Harvard Club, New York
Design Conference, Aspen, Colorado
University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Museum of Modern Art, New York
1967 Film Festival, London
New York Film Festival, Lincoln Center, New York, NY
Aspen, Colorado, Design Conference
Los Angeles, USC
International Congress on Art and Religion, New York, NY
National Council of Planning, Washington, D.C
Design-in, Central Park, New York
1968 “VanDerBeekiaana.” Camera Three. By Robert Herridge. CBS.
Interview and participant on “Literarisches Collequium” – Berlin, W.G.
20th Century
1969 Interview and performance: “Crosstalk,” Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, Japan
Strassenburgh Planetarius: “Cine Dreams” CAPS grant, New York
State Council for Arts; Whitney Museum, New York
“Feedback” Syracuse University (TV)
Museum of Modern Art, New York
1970 “Violence Sonata” WGBH, Boston (simulcast)
Flick Out, WGBH, Boston
“Video Variations” WGBH, Boston
1970-71 Speaker for U.S.I.A. in Media with Multi-Media Presentation Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem); Cyprus (Nicosia); Iran (Shiraz- Persepolis Art Festival, Teheran); Lebanon (Beirut); Greece (Athens); Turkey
(Istanbul, Adana Film Festival); France (Paris); England (London)
1971 Flick Out, WGBH, Boston
“Feedback” Syracuse, New York and University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA (Date?)
1972 The Computer Generation: Stan VanDerBeek, MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Massachusetts
“Video Variations,” WGBH-TVaired nationally; Boston Symphony
CBS Camera Three, “Computer Generation”
“Towards the Year 2000” ABC television Murals by Telephone, M.I.T. to Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
1973 College Collidoscope, CBS, Tampa, Florida
Interview by Ed Emshwiller, recorded 15 December 1973, SUNY at Buffalo, Media Center, Inc.
1974 Baltimore Museum: video/film
Hampshire College as visiting film artist, Summer Institute
Underground Filmmakers, ETV, Madison, Wisconsin
1975 Maryland Art Institute, multi-screen lecture
University of New York at Buffalo: video/film
Video Anthology OMS Video and Films, New York
Media Artist-in-Residence, “Art Park,” New York
Participant “Computer” films, Paris
New American Cinema, with Dr. O’Grady, Buffalo, New York
1976 Participant, Computer Animation conference, University of Washington, Seattle
ON/OFF Gallery, Seattle
Television Graphics Conference, OMS, Educational TV, Nebraska
“Art/Transition” for M.I.T. Art and Technology conference, Cambridge, Massachusetts
TNT (The New Theatre), UMBC
Washington Projects for the Arts, “Mind/Art” University of Washington, Seattle
Sinking Creek Film Celebration, Vanderbilt University
UMBC- “Progressions”
“Art and Technology” at Towson State University Art Gallery
Baltimore Film Festival
1977 Brooklyn College Film Festival
Commission for Performance Piece: City of Baltimore
“Collisions” WGBH, Boston
1978 “Copy Art: The Art of Xerox”
Interview: “Fast Forward,” Canadian television
Light Mural of Office Windows, IBM building, Baltimore
1979 “Retrospective” Kennedy Center, Washington (AFI Theatre)
National External Review Panelist for Art Department, Rutgers University
1980 “Retrospective” Museum of Modern Art, New York
“Stream-Screen” installation and performance at Whitney Museum, New Yor
Multi-Media performance, Guggenheim Museum, New York
Documentary film by KET television, Lexington, Kentucky
1981 Retrospective and “Steam-Screen” installation, Walker Art Museum, Minneapolis
Toronto “Computer/Culture” exhibition – installation of “Steam-Screens”
Screening and Seminar, “Art Works” at University of Michigan, Detroit
“Living Artists of Tulsa” Screening and Workshop, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Panelist – Super 8 Film Festival, Toronto
Panelist for National Computer Graphics Assn.- “Art and the Computer, Baltimore
Lecturer 2nd Sky Art Conference, Linz, Austria
1958 Bronze medal “Mankinda” and “What Who How” Brussels International Experimental Film Competition,
Brussels World Fair
1959 Award of Merit, “What Who How” Creative Film Foundation, New York
Participant: Venice Film Festival
1960 Award of Distinction – “Science Friction”, Creative Film Foundation, New York
1961 First prize- animation: “Mankinda”, Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany
1964 Lincoln Center Film Festival- “Skullduggery”
London Film Festival- “Skullduggery”
Prizes at Midwest and Ann Arbor Film Festivals- “Breathdeath”
Award Winner at The Experimental Film Festival, Brussels
1967 “See Saw Seems”- Lincoln Center Film Festival and London Film Festival
Interview and participant on “Literarisches Collequium” – Berlin, W.G.
Second Prize, “Man and his World,” Computer film Expo ’67, Montreal, Canada
1968 First prize, animation: “Superimpostion”, Mannheim, W.G.
1971 First prize, experimental film “Symmetricks,” Hawaii Film Festival
1974 AFI Independent Filmmakers Award
1978 First prize, experimental film “Poem Field #7” Washington International Film Festival
1980 Short film selected for N.Y. International Film Festival, Lincoln Center, “Euclidean Illusions”
Maryland Arts Council award for “Media Art”
Guggenheim Award for Media Art
1982 Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
New World Festival of the Arts, Miami, Florida
Maryland Filmmaker Award: Baltimore International Film Festival
Arts and Humanities Award, State University of Pennsylvania in Computer Graphics
1963-64 Ford Foundation for Experimental Films
1965-66 Rockefeller Grant for non-verbal communication Film Studies
1969-70 Rockefeller Grant for Experimental Artist in Television at WGBH, Boston
1970 New York state CAPS Grant for Performance of “Cine Dreams, 1970”
1973 NEA Grant for Experiments in Video, K E T educational TV, Kentucky
1974 Rockefeller Grant, Experiments in Video, WGBH, Boston
1975-76 NEA “Regional Media Center” – UMBC
1977-78 NEA “Regional Media Center” – UMBC
1977 NEA Grant for Experimental film and video
1978 NEA Grant for Experimental film and video
NEA Grant for performance and research, “Artist and the Computer” and “Services to the Field”
1978-79 NEA “In-Residence” program
1981-82 NEA (Individual grant) for Computer Animation research
1982 Jewish Federation of Cleveland: Experimental Video”
1963-65 Columbia University, New York; Associate Professor in animation and film production
1967 University of Southern California; Film artist-in-residence
University of Illinois; Film artist-in-residence
1967-73 New York State University, Stoney Point, NY; Associate Professor in Film Projects
1968 University of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Associate Professor in Film Projects
Colgate University, Film artist-in-residence
University of Washington, Seattle; Associate Professor of Filmmaking
1969-70 Center For Advanced Visual Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA
WGBH-TV, Boston, MA, Artist in Residence
1970 University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
1971-72 University of Hawaii Art Department and KHCT Educational Television station, Honolulu
California Institute of the Arts, Film artist-in-residence
1972 New College, Sarasota, Florida
U.F.S.C Durham, New Hampshire
Center for Understanding Media, Buffalo, New York
1972-75 University of South Florida, Tampa
Special Media seminar for USIA, Washington DC
1975 WNET Artist-in-TV laboratory, New York
ARTPARK, Lewiston, New York
University of Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD; Art and film Professor
1979 International Communications Agency, Washington D.C. NASA, Houston, TX
1980 Video: K E T educational television, Lexington, Kentucky
1982 Computer artist-in-residence: State University of Pennsylvania
1983 Computer artist-in-residence: K E T educational television, Lexington, Kentucky (NEA)
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