Herbert Brün | i |
last name: Brün
first name: Herbert
birthday: 1918
birth-place: Berlin (Germany)
death date: 2000
died in: Urbana, Illinois (U.S.A.)

Herbert Brun, philosopher, poet, and graphic artist, as well as composer, who contributed many pieces of electronic and computer music over four decades. He studied composition and conducted research on the application of electro-acoustics and electronic methods of sound production to the compositional process.

Brün wrote and spoke incisively on the social and political significance of composition and on the tendencies of language to preempt thought.

1936 Shifted to Palestine, where he studied piano and composition at the Jerusalem Conservatory and then with Stefan Wolpe, Eli Friedman, and Frank Pelleg.
1948 to 1950 Further education at Tanglewood,Boston and Columbia University,New York.
1955 to 1961 Worked as a composer and conducted research concerning electro-acoustics with regard to possibilities for musical composition in Paris, WDR,Cologne and at the Siemens studio (Munich). Actively gave lectures and seminars emphasizing the function of music in society, and did a series of broadcasts on contemporary music.
1962 Joined as a faculty at the University of Illinois and began research on composition with computers, which resulted in pieces for tape and instruments, tape alone and graphics.
1964 Composed ‘Futility’ with the MUSICOMP algorithmic software for the mainframe computer.
1966 Composed ‘Non Sequitur VI’ with the same apparatus.
late 1960s Created his own programs in FORTRAN which reflected an interest in the design of processes, rather than in specifying particular musical outcomes.
1968 Composed ‘Infraudibles’ and ‘Mutatis Mutandis’, which created computer generated graphics that could be read as musical scores.
1968 Participated in ‘Cybernetic Serendipity’,ICA,London.
1968 to 1974 Collaborated with Heinz von Foerster on several interdisciplinary courses in heuristics and cybernetics at the Biological Computer Laboratory.
1987 Became Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois faculty.
1969 to 1970 Guest Professorship at the Ohio State University.
1972 Started composing the ‘Sawdust’ series where new sounds were generated by linking and merging tiny portions of waveform.
1977 Recieved prize from the International Society of Bassists.
1978 Residency at the Hochschule der Kunst and Technische Universtat, Berlin.
1989 Residency at the Gesamthochschule, Kassel.
1980 onwards Toured and taught with the Performers’ Workshop Ensemble, a group he founded.
1993 Recieved the Norbert Wiener medal from the American Society for Cybernetics.
1993 Helped found the School for Designing Society (an experimental teaching “lab” for connecting compositional thinking with social change) and taught there till his death.
1999 Received an Honorary Doctorate from the Goethe-Universität at Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, for his activities as composer, teacher and thinker.
2004 When Music Resists Meaning: The Major Writings of Herbert Brun , was released by the Wesleyan University Press.
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