Klaus Basset | i |
last name: Basset
first name: Klaus
birthday: April 17, 1926
birth-place: Berlin (Germany)
death date: September 29, 1996
died in: Oslip, Burgenland (Austria)

Basset ‘s art has travelled through painting in a socially committed, realistic manner in the late 1940’s to constructive cardboard sculpture, kinetic interference objects, and construction kits and game-boards which viewers could remodel themselves in the late 1950’s.

By 1962, he developed a permutation principle, according to which drawings were produced on a raster base. The raster pictures were initially realised personally, by hand, but a typewriter took over the work in 1969. By the early 70’s Basset was a member of the groups Wege zur Computerkunst and the gruppe parallel .

He began collaborating with Willi Plochl (a computer engineer, working at IBM labs Vienna) sine 1975 to produce computer-generated raster graphics. Plochl developed the programme GRAF 1 for Basset which was used to produce Raster Graphics on an IBM System/32.

Referring to his artistic debate with the computer, Basset maintains: “It has now become not only appealing, but positively indispensable for me to continue my work with the computer. My first experiences have indicated that this machine does not compel the artist’s creative work to follow pre-ordained paths, but that – on the contrary – it is exhilarating and challenging. Methodically, adapting the creative process to the possibilities of the apparatus has brought me […] a remarkable step forwards.” (Quoted from Franke 1984, p. 48) 5


1947-51 Studied graphic design at the Master School for Art and Crafts, Berlin.
1957 onwards Worked as an educationalist in a youth centre in Stuttgart.
1960-62 Examined organic and inorganic microstructures in drawings.
1963-72 Ran the Galerie am Berg in Stuttgart.
1966 onwards Worked as a guest lecturer in design theory, creativity and perceptual training, and art history : at the Graphics Polytechnic Stuttgart.
1970-72 : at the Technical College for Design at Schwabisch Gmund
1972-74 : at the Printing Polytechnic Stuttgart.
1974-75 Produced the series of Wurfelbeschreibungen; met Willi PlochI and began to cooperate on the computer-generated production of raster graphics.
1976-78 Produced the series of Metakuben.
1992 Contributed independently to Edition NN, Oslip.
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Bei "Struktur 11 9 72" handelt es sich um eine Schreibmaschinengrafik, die am 11. September 1972 fertig geworden ist. Klaus Basset hat ca. 1969 bei mir in der 'Galerie Daedalus' in Berlin ausgestellt. Hanspeter Heidrich
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