Aaron Marcus | i |
last name: Marcus
first name: Aaron
birthday: May 22, 1943
birth-place: Omaha, Nebraska (USA)

Aaron Marcus is a user-interface and information-visualization designer, as well as computer graphics artist. Marcus lives and works in Berkeley (California, USA).


1961-65 Studied physics and philosophy at Princeton University (New Jersey).
1965-68 Studied graphic design at Vale University at the School of Art and Architecture in New Häven (Connecticut) and became a Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts.
1967 Completed a period of practical training in programming with Bell Telephone Laboratories (AT+T Bell Labs) in Murray Hill (New Jersey). That was where he learned how to write programmes for the production of Computer graphics.
1970 Started working as a lecturer at Princeton University (New Jersey) and directed an international team in the field of visual communication during a research professorship at the East-West Centre in Honolulu.
occupied himself with virtual reality.
1971-73 Designed one of the first virtual environments, which consisted of a combination of sculptural forms and three-dimensional typography. See Cybernetic Landscape I.
investigated forms of concrete (visual) poetry, produced with the aid of a typesetting machine, which was connected to the computer and controlled by the programmes which Marcus had written.
1982 Founded AM+A (Aaron Marcus and Associates Inc.), which specialises, amongst other things, in the design of user interfaces and man-computer interaction.
1992 Received the National Computer Graphics Association’s Annual Award for Contributions to Industry.
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