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last name: Gioni
first name: Massimiliano
birthday: 1973

Massimiliano Gioni is the Associate Director and Director of Exhibitions of the New Museum in New York. He is also the artistic director of the Nicola Trussardi Foundation in Milan (Italy).

An art critic and curator, he has organized shows at the 50th (in 2003) and 55th (in 2013) Venice Biennale. Ar the New Museum, he was responsible for the Ghosts in the Machine show.

posted 2 months ago
Good day dear Massimiliano, I would like to show you works of young artist, his name is Axel Kremer, he has very unique, fresh and catchy style. With your help it can grow into really big thing. People call him Picasso or Matisse because of some similarities, but his style is absolutely and extremely unique. Thomas
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