»Untitled« by Frank Böttger / Aron Warszawski | i |
creators: Frank Böttger / Aron Warszawski
title: Untitled
year: 1971

drawing, b/w, computer-generated

59.9 by 51 cm

artwork type: drawing

Created in collaboration with Aron Warszawski.

Bottger’s works are based on determinist structures; chance as a phenomenon is excluded, as the symmetry usually to be met in his computer graphics indicates. At the same time, he discovered new geometric forms with the aid of the computer. The work ‘Untitled’ pictures a circle into which ellipses with a shared vertical half-axis have been inscribed towards the centre point.Ellipses with a horizontal half-axis are formed around a central, inner circle.

Bottger felt it was “… an arresting experience to see the graphic emerging on the paper by means of a kind of ‘spirit hand’… A remarkable connection also ensues between mathematical formalism and artistic expression: changing one parameter often effects alterations to the entire image,
which the viewer – and even the creator – of the image can only acknowledge with astonishment.

Ouoted from Franke1984, p. 52

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