»Verknupfung von Punkten durch Folgen von Kreisbogen« by Sylvia Roubaud | i |
creators: Sylvia Roubaud
title: Verknupfung von Punkten durch Folgen von Kreisbogen
year: 1971

drawing, c., computer-generated

34 by 34 cm

artwork type: drawing

Composed in collaboration with Gerold WeiB ( a specialist for graphic data processing working at Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm [MBB] see:MBB Computer Graphics since 1967).

WeiB wrote a programme that provided the opportunity to interfere with the drawing procedure, so that the artist can immediately take control of the creation process.

" With the help of the computer, Roubaud systematically changed structures and broke them open in order to be able to observe the transition to more advanced structures.

A set of points is arranged on equidistant lines. While the distance between the lines remains the same, the distance between the points varies horizontally depending on a random number generator. The points are interconnected by the arcs of a circle – according to the density of the generated set of points the arcs are either labyrinthine or stretched. The sheet is part of a series of computer graphics which was published in the illustrated book Computer Graphics by Johann Willsberger. "


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