»DIN. GF100« by Vladimir Bonačić | i |
creators: Vladimir Bonačić
title: DIN. GF100
year: 1969

installation, c., electronic

Metal construction, electronics, electric lamps, colored transparency film, Plexiglas
135 × 152.5 × 25 cm

artwork type: installation

SDS -930, program implemented in special-purpose hardware
Programmed by Vladimir Bonačic and Miro A, Cimerman
Produced at Ruder Boskovic Institute, Zagreb

“Dynamic Object – color slide and electronic logic (dimension 135 × 152.5 × 25 cm). A Galois field of 2^5 elements is formed as a polynomial field above GF (2), namely, 0.1; modulo polynomial of the fourth degree x4 + x3 + I (100). This field is equivalent to 2^4 different residues, namely, 2^4 congruent polynomials. Congruent polynomials are characterized by the same color. The field consists of 256 different elements, namely, 16 different colors. With the help of electronic logic, all possible relationships of exhibited two-dimensional elements may be observed digitally. The logic offers the possibility of observing all 2^16- I, namely, 65,535 states with the help of the irreducible polynomial of the 16th degree in the feedback connection x6+ x3 + I. Depending on the observer, the picture changes according to the clock every 200 milliseconds or 2 seconds, introducing the observer into a pseudorandom process. By means of remote control, the observer can watch each stage for as long as he likes. The digital computer has been used here.”
[Vladimir Bonacic in: tendencije 4, exhib. cat., Galerija suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb, 1970, n. p.]

Source: [Rosen, 2011]


MSU, Zagreb

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