»Felder mit Strichkonzentrationen Nr. 3 (04/11/1965)« by Frieder Nake | i |
creators: Frieder Nake
title: Felder mit Strichkonzentrationen Nr. 3 (04/11/1965)
year: 1965

drawing, computer-generated

Size: 40 × 40 cm
Hardware: ZUSE Graphomat Z64
Program: COMPART ER 56

artwork type: drawing

Random elements:

  • Amount of fields to be filled (here: 28)
  • Selection of those fields
  • Starting point of the lines according to the normal distribution in every field
  • Lenght of the lines
  • Direction of the lines

[cf. Nake et al., 1966, p. 8]

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