»Variation on a theme from Jeffrey Steele« by Donald K. Robbins | i |
creators: Donald K. Robbins
title: Variation on a theme from Jeffrey Steele
year: mid 1960s

drawing, b/w

artwork type: drawing

This computer graphic work is based on an oil painting by Jeffery Steele

posted over 6 years ago
Hello, My name is Ty Maxon and I am an artist and musician living in Chicago. I came across the attached drawing by Donlad K Robbins in a book illustrating the history of illusions, printed in the the early 70's. After some research, I found this piece was a part of the Cybernetic Serendipity exhibition in 1969. I am writing to inquire about the use of this image for an album of music I am currently recording. The album is entitled "Rooms Within Rooms." The album is largely about feelings of isolation and separation within modern society. This image strongly resonates with me and illustrates the tone and theme of the album. I am inquiring about using this image as the cover of my project and wanted to send the appropriate request to avoid any issues of copy write. Donald K Robbins would be credited in the liner notes, of course. If you have any information how I would go about gaining permission to use this image, that would be greatly appreciated. I would be glad to send further details about my project as well. Thank you for your time. -Ty Maxon
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