»Splish Splash Two« by Norman White | i |
creators: Norman White
title: Splish Splash Two
year: 1975

installation, electronic/kinetic

Aluminium, polycarbonate plastic, bulbs, electronics

artwork type: installation

The figures give an impression of the kinetic light mural, commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for the foyer of its Vancouver offices with a size of 243, 84 × 1219,2 cm (8ft x 40 ft).The mural simulates raindrops falling randomnly on the surface of a quiet pond.
[http://www.normill.ca/artpage.html] (consulted 27.10.08)

Please, compare it with work “Splish Splash One”, which shows the first builted model of it.


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Vancouver, Canada

Owned by institutions
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