»Telephone Arm Wrestling« by Norman White / Doug Back | i |
creators: Norman White / Doug Back
title: Telephone Arm Wrestling
year: 1986

installation, electronic

Art object: Plexiglass, steel, motors, electonics
Sketch: Ink on paper

artwork type: installation
collections: Collection Doug Back

A collaborative telecommunications project undertaken by Norman and fellow artist, Doug Back. The idea was to allow contestants in two different cities to arm-wrestle, using motorized force-transmitting systems interconnected by a telephone data link.

The first image shows the Telephone Arm Wrestling in action.
The second image shows a sketch of a possible summing circuit for the Telephone Arm Wrestling.

First succcessfully exhibited during a 1986 link-up between the Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, and the Artculture Resource Centre, Toronto.
Sponsored by the McLuhan Programme (Director: Prof. Derrick DeKerkhove), University of Toronto.
http://www.normill.ca/artpage.html] (consulted 27.10.08)


Norman White and Doug Back

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