»Them Fuckin’ Robots/male robot« by Norman White | i |
creators: Norman White
title: Them Fuckin’ Robots/male robot
year: 1988

robot, electronic

Steel, aluminium, motors, spings, solenoids, found objects, electronics

artwork type: installation, robotic
collections: Collection Norman White

Them Fuckin` Robots was a joint project with artist Laura Kikauka, in which the two of them worked independently to construct two robots whose only task and function was sexual intercourse with each other. The sexual act was actually consummated in a performance. (Herzogenrath & Lähnemann 2009:8)

Norman White write about the project:
“Fellow artist Laura Kikauka and I each built an electro-mechanical sex machine (hers, female; mine, male) without consulting each other on the particulars, apart from the dimensions of the engaging organs. We then brought these two machines together for a public performance. The male machine, the first and last anthropomorphic robot I’ve ever built, responds to the magnetic fields generated by the female organ, thereby increasing its rate of breathing and moving its limbs, simultaneously charging a capacitor to strobing “orgasm”. The female machine, on the other hand, is a diverse assemblage including a boiling kettle, a squirting oil pump, a twitching sewing machine treadle, and huge solenoid on a fur-covered board – all hanging from an old bedspring and energized by an electronic power sequencer."
http://www.normill.ca/artpage.html] (consulted 27.10.08)

The images shows the Fuckin’ Robot and a Part of them.
The robots size is 44 × 190 cm.

Please, compare also Them Fuckin’ Robots/male robot (2)


Norman White

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