»Seek« by Nicholas Negroponte / Architecture Machine Group | i |

The work consists of a large box on legs filled with 2000 plastic cubes and gerbils which constantly change the positions of the boxes. At the same time a mechanic arm tries to rearrange the blocks in a specific, more grid-like manner.

The piece is designed “so see if the animals reaction to a changing environment can be useful to urban planners”258

Ted Nelson said about it:

I remember watching one gerbil who stood motionless on his little kangaroo matchstick legs, watching the Great Grappler rearranging his world. Gerbils are somewhat inscrutable, but I had a sense that he was worshipping it. He did not move until the block started coming down on top of him.(cited after 260)

Also referred to as “Blocksworld” sometimes.

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