»Quad IV« by Robert Mallary | i |
creators: Robert Mallary
title: Quad IV

Quad IV’, Laminated marble, 11 inches high.


I turned to the computer in 1967 on learning for the first time about its ability to generate and transform images. Almost immediately I realized that my earlier idea of multi-planar image synthesis could be used to describe three-dimensional forms within the computer by slicing and stacking them as two-dimensional shapes—something like a contour map. The result was my computer sculpture program TRAN2, the first version of which was written in 1968 for the IBM 1130 system at Amherst College.

The computer sculpture program TRAN 2 was used to design the sculpture and draw the cross sections, which were transferred to the marble slabs and traced. The slabs were cut out, Iaminated together with epoxy, then ground to a smooth contour and polished."

“As for myself, although the underlying concept of TRAN2 has yet to be fully implemented, eventually this sculpture program will exploit the computer’s interactive ‘conversational’ capabilities to speed and enhance the design of sculptural forms, continuously shaping and reshaping them by means of a large library of transformation algorithms and routines. "

quote from – Artist and Computer

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