»Quad II« by Robert Mallary | i |
creators: Robert Mallary
title: Quad II
year: 1968

71.5 × 11 in. TRAN2 computer sculpture in laminated veneer.


In 1967 Mallary returned more explicitly to his art-and-technology interests and began to experiment with computer sculpture. To do this he updated his early ideas on sequential contour projection and applied them to the problem of computerizing sculpture. The computer sculpture program he has developed with his collaborators is called TRAN2, summarized in the following abstract:

“TRAN2 is a computer graphics program with twenty sub-routines to generate sculpture. The program presupposes a means of compiling form description data for use by the computer. This is done by breaking down the solid into a regular series of parallel cross sections, or contour “slices,” which are then graphed and digitized as X, Y and Z coordinates and transferred to punch cards. A sequence of mathematical transformation procedures is brought to bear on the contour sections whereby the computer, in effect, models and reshapes the contour sections into an original sculpture. The computer plotter reproduces a series of perspective views of the generated form together with a complete set of the transformed contour sections. These are used as patterns to complete the sculpture in some appropriate material.”

Source – Robert Mallary Website

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