»Herringbone Variation« by Ruth Leavitt | i |
creators: Ruth Leavitt
title: Herringbone Variation

print, c.

artwork type: print

About the Herringbone Variation V … three-dimensional effects produced by the programme – a perspective, relief-like structure, which suggests depth and the feeling of movement.

I was investigating how a regular pattern would distort by stretching it in different ways. The concept was to explore and express the actions found in nature such as the forces of growing, flowing, and blowing. The initial pattern was a grid composed of the letter y. There were 8 Ys vertically and 8 Ys horizontally. Every other vertical row was upside down, creating the appearance of a herringbone pattern. A space was cut at the center so there would not be too much overlap of lines once I began manipulating the design. Imagine the pattern on a rubber sheet which does not snap back into place when it is pulled or pushed etc.The print in the Herringbone Series began the same way, with the same initial pattern, but differed tremendously after I applied the various forces to it. I could see each movement’s impact on the design as I worked.


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