“Syntax-based picture program ARCLINK The development of syntax-based descriptive schemata that make the interpretation and recognition of strings of natural and programming languages possible, as well as the analysis, recognition, and description of visual configurations, has recently assumed a position of vast importance in the context of man machine interactive systems.*
The work that I am presenting here does not share any of the pragmatic requirements that underlie these applications of syntax-based devices. Given its essentially aesthetic character, the ARCLINK program has a more limited scope and its terminal objective is the generation of pictures of a certain class, in accordance with the specifications embedded in the related grammar G. […]
The grammar generates a picture language, the sentences of which are primitive structural descriptions of the class of pictures. The primitive structural description specifies the primitive patterns that are present in the picture and their relationship to one another.”

*See: R. Narasimhan, “On the Description, Generation, and Recognition of
Classes of Pictures,” in: Technical Report, 52, October 1968, Institute of
Fundamental Research, CoIaba, Bombay, pp. 5-7.

[Auro Lecci in: tendencije 5, exhib. cat., Galerija suvremene umjetnosti,
Zagreb, 1973, n. p. In: Rosen, 2011]

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