Compos 68 Series I and II | i |
name: Compos 68 Series I and II

“These series have been made to show the effect of an aesthetic rule as clearly as possible. Series I conforms to the following theory: Each rectangular line has a value which is equal to its surface, multiplied by the distance to the center of the composition divided by the distance to the nearest corner. For every plane there must be another plane with the same value. These two planes are given the same color, so it is easier for the eye to recognize the pairs. In Series II the planes are chosen completely at random. However, they have the same colors, they are also rectangular, and the dimensions are the same as in Series I. Thus, the only difference is the aesthetic rule (compository theory). The spectator is now able to judge subjectively the perfect objectively worked-out theory. More specimens were made so as to eliminate the factor of ‘chance’.”
[Typescript, 3 pages, Archive MSU Zagreb, n. p.]

Source: [Rosen, 2011]

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