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name: L’Arsenal
location: Montréal (Canada)

place of cultural interest

Lachine Canal, 1846

Augustin Cantin, an ambitious entrepreneur from Upper Canada, arrived in Montreal to begin what would become a 14-acre, entirely integrated, shipbuilding operation. He constructed this immense, 40 000 square foot building, along with an engine foundry and sawmill, at the heart of the operation, Marine Works Canada shipyard. For over 100 years, operated by Cantin and later his son, this industrial space served as a shipyard, constructing and servicing commercial sea-vessels.


Today, Augustin Cantin’s converted shipyard complex, now called Arsenal, is home to contemporary art. While the building’s interior and exterior architectural features attest to its rich industrial past, Arsenal now embraces the present by showcasing Canadian and international contemporary art.

The art complex houses two established galleries (René Blouin, Division Gallery), a private collection (Collection Majudia), an artist studio, a video projection room, a multipurpose room and a 20 000 square-foot exhibition-event space. Initiated by two Montreal art-enthusiasts, Pierre and Anne-Marie Trahan, the centre’s primary vocation is to showcase contemporary art by serving as a junction between art and the public. Through regular programming, the main hall continuously houses major art exhibitions, featuring dozens of the most prominent, local and international artists. The exhibition hall also serves as a rental space, suited to host a range of corporate, private and philanthropic events. These two vocations (art + events) give Arsenal the opportunity to serve contemporary art by gathering new audiences in a space committed to its appreciation.

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