Centre d’Art Contemporain Bouvet-Ladubay | i |
name: Centre d’Art Contemporain Bouvet-Ladubay
location: Saumur (France)

Established in 1992.
The choice of programming arises from two objectives:
- Show top level artists to offer to a wide audience the artistic past four decades
- Offer to international collectors of works from artists’ studios.

The Centre for Contemporary Art offers 3 to 4 times a year, exhibitions of contemporary artists selected from the best and most talented contemporary art such as François Morellet, Gottfried Honegger, Claude Viallat, Bernar Venet, Roman Opalka, Caesar, Olivier Debré, Peter Knapp, Jean Le Gac, Paul Jenkins, Jacques Villeglé, Jean Cortot, Richard Texier.

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