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name: Palazzo Reale
location: Milano (Italy)

The Museum of the Palace

Only at the beginning of 21st century, more than fifty years by the destruction of war, the Royal Palace is finding a central role in social and cultural life of Milan.
Although still under the third stage of restoration, which will return the entire building to its former glory, the first two batches are completed, allowing visitors the chance to admire the halls of the Palace Museum in therearrangedwith an itinerary through the four seasons of the historic Palazzo: the era Teresiana and Neoclassical, the Napoleonic era, the Restoration and l ’Unification of Italy.
The restoration took place through a complex task of reconstruction of the original furniture to allow a wider and more articulate historical and stylistic reading of court life. The first visible halls belonging to the neoclassical period, ranging from reconstruction of Piermarini to Napoleonic times, are those that best explain the splendor of an era “enlightened” in which the city had a major role in Europe.
The third phase of restoration still in progress will return to the museum rooms of the old apartmentreserve, in which they are documented and maintained the royal ways of living of the 19th century.
[edit]Cultural centre

The Royal Palace is a cultural centre in the heart of the city coordinated with three other exhibition venues: the Rotonda della Besana, the Palazzo Region and Palazzo dell’Arengario.
The building played an important role with regard to art in Milan, as shown by the great success of the exhibition of recent years that have included Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and other painters and sculptors. Fundamental is the exhibition opened at the Palazzo Reale in 2009 on the centenary of the birth of Futurism.

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