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title: Im Netz der Systeme: Vorträge des Symposions "Im Netz der Systeme"
year: 1990
Bibliographic Entry

[unkown author] 1990. Im Netz der Systeme: Vorträge des Symposions "Im Netz der Systeme". Berlin:Merve Verlag

Editor: Dirk Baecker

The book was published by Merve Verlag, Berlin, Germany after their symposium (13. September 1989) at the Ars Electronica 1989 in the Brucknerhaus, Linz, Austria. The theme of the 1989 Ars Electronica was “Im Netz der Systeme” [In the Network of Systems]. Their catalogue is available online, in German only.

The Ars Electronica Archive gives the following description of the event:
“In 1989, Ars Electronica was again organized by both the Brucknerhaus Linz and the Regional Studio of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF in Upper Austria.
In its 10th year, the Festival concentrated on the topic of “In the Network of Systems”, putting the main emphasis of its programme on telecommunication, interaction and computer culture.
A colony of artists and groups of artists moved into the media-village established in the Brucknerhaus, bringing with them TV and radio stations and telecommunication equipment.
Projects resulting from activities in the village – such as concerts,performances, installations – merged in a media-flow. A directional radio connection built an electronic bridge from the Brucknerhaus-based media-village to the ORF-based media-fountain, turning it into a meeting-place of artists and scientists." [Ars Electronica Archive, 2009]

The book includes the following text for instance:

  • Baecker, D.: Die Kunst der Unterscheidungen
  • Beke, L.: Im Netz des Quadratnetzes
  • Meyer, E.: Der Unterschied, der eine Umgebung schafft
  • Pedretti, A.: Zeitfälle/Zeitfalle
  • Perniola, M.: Videokulturen als Spiegel
  • Pichler, F.: Netzfunktionen – Skizzen zur Mitbestimmung in elektronischen Kommunikationsnetzen
  • Wensen/Krohn: Connect it!
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