Errechnete Bilder - Perspektiven der Kommunikationsästhetik | i |
title: Errechnete Bilder - Perspektiven der Kommunikationsästhetik
year: 1992
Bibliographic Entry

Bolz, Norbert (1991) 1992. Errechnete Bilder - Perspektiven der Kommunikationsästhetik. In: BDK-Mitteilungen. Hannover (Germany):BDK e.V. Fachverband für Kunstpädagogik

‘Die Bilderflut gewährt Bedeutungsverschonung.’ [The stream of images allows for the exemption of relevance.]

According to Bolz, the playful simulation of virtual realities is less important than the possibility of replacing certain realities through others. He says that the information overload is not a critical exception anymore, but the normal case of the perception of the world. In calculated images information can be much more densified than in sentences. For this reason a visual instead of a verbal communication is happening. The new visibility of logic ends the modernity as an era of imageless textuality. The education policies of old Europe are finished, children are lost to the multi-mediality of big cities. He sketches a future without books, because only a mosaic of citations and aphorisms will be left. Yet, he mentions, authors will still exist due to copyright.

The article “Errechnete Bilder – Perspektiven der Kommunikationsästhetik” [Calculated pictures – perspectives of communication aesthetics] was first published in A.N.Y.P., No. 3, 1991 on the occasion of the performance ‘Anti New York Pläne II: Moderne mathematische Probleme’ [Anti New York plans II: Modern mathematical problems] in the house of artists Bethanien in 1991. It can still be ordered via the website of the house of artists Bethanien. The re-print was published in 1992 in the BDK-Mitteilungen [Notes that are published four times a year by the BDK e.V., an association for art education].

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