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title: K.O. Götz
year: 2013
Bibliographic Entry

Jäger, Joachim, et al., eds. 2013. K.O. Götz. Köln:Wienand Verlag

The catalog accompanying the exhibition at Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, in honor of Karl Otto Götz upon his hundredth birthday. The show later went to Duisburg and Wiesbaden.

The book is in German and English. It is in large format and superbly illustrated with a number of full-page images. Both an impressive cross-section of his production throughout his life as well as scenes with Götz and his friends are included.

The works are organized in three sections: from 1935 to 1951, 1952 to 1966, and 1970 to 2010. Each of these sections is introduced by an essay. Their titles are: ‘It is a matter of the dissolution of the classical principle of form’ / The aesthetics of speed, or the eternal evolution / Élan vital in the work of K.O. Götz. The catalog contains a summary biography, the list of works in the exhibition, a selection of his solo and group exhibitions, a selection of his writings, and publications about him.

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