»Computer Composition With Lines« by A. Michael Noll | i |
creators: A. Michael Noll
title: Computer Composition With Lines
year: 1964

drawing, b/w, computer generated.
Ink on paper
Size: 15 × 15,5 cm (graphic), 28,1 × 20,9 cm (sheet)
FORTRAN on IBM 7090, printed with Stromberg-Carlson 4020 microfilm-plotter

artwork type: drawing
collections: Sammlung Clarissa

“Computer Composition With Lines” 1964 This work closely mimics the painting “Composition With Lines” by Piet Mondrian. When reproductions of both works were shown  to 100 people, the majority preferred the computer version and believed it was done by Mondrian. This early investigation of the aesthetics of computer art has become a classic and is described in the published paper by A. Michael Noll, “Human or Machine: A Subjective Comparison of Piet Mondrian’s ‘Composition with Lines’ and a Computer–Generated Picture,” The Psychological Record, Vol. 16. No. 1, (January 1966), pp. 1-10.
" A series of Mondrian like Computer pictures was generated. The scheme used to produce these pictures utilized random bar lengths and random bar widths within specified ranges. The bars were shortened if they fell within a parabolic region in the upper half of the picture. Only vertical bars were permitted along the sides of the picture. Tha actual positions of the bars were determined by adding a uniform-density random pertubation to an otherwise completely uniform grid like set of positions. this random pertubation has a specified range; the range is zero and increases geometrically to a range of + and – 250."

Michael A. Noll
Referred from Page 158 Cybernetics, Arts and Ideas

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