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title: bit international 8/9, television today (1972)
year: 1972
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[unkown author] 1972. bit international 8/9, television today (1972). [unknown address]:[unknown publisher]

bit international 8-9. television today: television and culture, the language of television, experiments
Magazine cover and contents Editors: Vera Horvat-Pintaric
Texts by Vicenzo Agnetti, J. L. Alexanco, Renato Barili, Gianfranco Bettetini, Gianni Colombo, Gillo Dorfles, Umberto Eco, Samuel Y. Gibbon, jr., Vera Horvat-Pintaric, Martin Krampen, John S. Margolies, Matko Mestrovic, Abraham A. Moles, Pierre Schaeffer, Ivo Skaric

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posted almost 7 years ago
Dear Sir/Madam, I am a librarian and I need a DD of an article inside this number from Colombo/Agnetti, page 224 for a patron of ours. Would it be possible to receive it by email? thank you in advance and best regards. Grazia Puiatti Biblioteca del Centro Polifunzionale di Gorizia Via Santa Chiara, 1 - 34170 Gorizia tel 0481.580164 - cell. 333.8747666 Codice biblioteca: IT-GO0115
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