Wolf Lieser | i |
last name: Lieser
first name: Wolf

Galerist and artist manager and consulter.

Wolf Lieser is the conductor of the galery Digital Art Museum [DAM] in Berlin (Germany), which he founded 2003.

He is also initiator of the d.velop art award (ddaa), which started 2005.
He is responsible for the organisation of nominations, the jury and the presentation ceremony.


1978 After finishing school, Wolf Lieser’s interests were in the field of photography.
1980 Wolf Lieser started his work as an artist manager.
1992 he moved to a more consulting work
1994 he founded his first gallery in Wiesbaden (Germany)
1998 he founded the virtuell Digital Art Museum: www.dam.org.
1999 he got a partnership of the Colville Place Gallery in London (GB), which was the first gallery of digital art in Great Britain. This gallery were closed in 2002.
Since 2003 Wolf Lieser run the Digital Art Museum in Berlin (Germany) as the first address of DAM. He lives also there.
Member of institutions
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