Ernst Havlik | i |
last name: Havlik
first name: Ernst
birthday: April 18, 1944
birth-place: Korneuburg (Austria)

Ernst havlik is an Austrian physicist and mathematician. he gained accsess to a digital computer in ln 1977, while working as a radiation physicist, when a special gamma camera for scintigraphic recordings of radioactive materials in the organs being examined was installed for diagnostic purposes in the isotopic ward of theVienna General Hospital. The system’s already highly-developed analytical software was exploited by Havlik with the special printer and coloured images on display screens – in artistic work. Havlik created manual radioactive distributions that led to a kind of ‘radioactive painting’ The software includes the option of a positive-negative switch for the printer, which Havlik used in several works.

Havlik also refers to his works as “technographs” and points out their characteristic quality, since the apparatus that he used has not been employed in nuclear medicine for many years now: “This means that my few experiments are unique works – perhaps for an archaeology of Computer Art, as well.” .Havlik lives in Rekawinkel (Lower Austria) and works in Vienna (Austria).



1954-1962 Grammar school, Vienna.
1962-1970 Studies Physics and Mathematics at the University of Vienna.
1970 Submits PhD – Dissertation at the Institute for Radium Research and Nuclear Physics.
1971-1973 Employed in the optical industry in Vienna: Technical Staff in the development department from C. Reichert, a senior scientist in the development department from Eumig
1973 onwards Assistant Professor in the Department of Nuclear Medicine, 2nd Medical University Hospital of Vienna, General Hospital of Vienna
1980 Appointed in the Examination of the Federal Chancellery (Division of Radiation Protection).
1981 Radiation protection training at the School of Nuclear Technology, Karlsruhe.
1983 Seminar for experts of the Association of Sworn court experts in Austria.
1985 Awarded the title “Scientific High Council”.
1991 Four-week training course “Planning, Preparedness and Response to Radiological Emergencies” of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at Argonne National Laboratory Center, Illinois.
- Moved to the newly founded University Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Physics in the New Vienna General Hospital (2004 renamed the Center for Biomedical Engineering and Physics "at the Medical University of Vienna)
1992 Awarded the right to teach as a university lecturer in Clinical Physics.
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