Chihaya Shimomura | i |
last name: Shimomura
first name: Chihaya
also known as: 下村千早
birthday: 1941
birth-place: Hiroshima (Japan)

Shimorura’s examination of computer graphics aims to formalise image production. He uses the simples elements of visual structures. Certain generation and transformation routines form new images constantly and generate from a single image and unlimited numbers of others. The relevant programming language is also easily understood by laymen.

Shimomura says about his own use of the computer for the generation of art, “As each of the operations […] contains different kinds of parameters for the characterisation of the images, it is possible to get a great number of variations.
For the creation of an image, the operations are selected and run in chains, one after another; this can be done in such a free and complex manner that a new, creative process starts that is fundamentally different from the usual methods of composition.


Shimomura lives and works in Tokyo (Japan).


1941 Born in Hiroshima (Japan) in December.
1965 Completion of studies at the Graduate School, Division of Fine Arts of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
1967 Started working as a teacher at a school of art.
1967 Started dealing with computer graphics as an autodidact and developed his original software systems PTS (Picture Information Transforming System and Model).
1969-1975 Developed the PLPT (Programming Language for Picture Transformation).
since 1970 Professor at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo and teaches computer-based visual design, design semiotics and design theory.
since 1974 Teaches also computer programming and image generation systems.
2003-2004 Was a Visiting Professor for graduate studies at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence – USA.
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