Edward E. Zajac | i |
last name: Zajac
first name: Edward E.
birthday: 1926
birth-place: Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
death date: January 30, 2011
died in: Arizona (USA)

In the late 1950s Edward Zajac started working at the Bell Labs, where he stayed for about 30 years and developed “communications projects as the transatlantic cable and satellites, developing a two-gyro system to keep communications satellites pointed toward Earth.” [Arziona Daily Star, n. d.] In 1963 he produced the 1st computer generated film, “at first as a visual means to share with his colleagues the positions of satellites as they orbit Earth. Appearing antiquated and simple in today’s world, his early computer-animated films won much acclaim at the time, and awards in the U.S. and oversees, and are considered classics today.” [Arziona Daily Star, n. d.]


1950 BME from Cornell University.
1952 MSE from Princeton University, 1952.
1953 Zajac married Brooky May Calhoun.
1954 Ph.D. from Stanford University.
1954-1965 Member of Technical Staff, Mathematics Research Center, Bell Labs. Research on elastic wave propagation, elastic stability, dynamics and kinematics of submarine and aerial cable, dynamical systems, attitude control of satellites, numerical analysis, and computer animation.
1968-1983 Employed at the Bell Telephone Laboratories. First, as Head of the Economics and Graphics Research Department and later (1978) as Director of the Economics Research Center.
1965-1966 Member of a task force at AT&T planning the strategy of dealing with the FCC’s comprehensive investigation of the Bell System.
1966-1967 Visiting Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (now New York). Zajac worked on the application of computer animation to science education films. Also designed and taught a course on computer graphics.
1967-1968 Head of Mathematical Physics Research Department, Bell Labs.
1983-1991 Professor of Economics and Head, Department of Economics, University of Arizona.
1991-1999 Professor of Economics, University of Arizona
1999-2002 Professor of Economics, Emeritus, University of Arizona
Member of institutions
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