Hanspeter Heidrich | i |
last name: Heidrich
first name: Hanspeter
birthday: 1942
birth-place: Berlin (Germany)

Gallerist in Berlin.

From 1966 to 1972, Heidrich ran »galerie daedalus« in Berlin, concentrating in his shows on concrete, constructive, and kinetic art. In some of those shows he included computer art (by Frieder Nake), which by the time was rarely done by a private gallerist in a general context of art. On 1 September 2004, he started his second period as a private gallerist: »Heidrichs Kunsthandlung«, again in Berlin. He there put together a total of 32 exhibitions before exactly five years later (in 2009) he withdrew for good from this business. He is still offering for sale works of his art collection, whereas his small collection of computer art went to [DAM] Berlin.

There were in the mid and later 1960s only a few gallerists daring enough to exhibit computer art side by side with main stream (even if experimental) works of art. Galerie Swart in Amsterdam, Galerie im Hause Behr in Stuttgart, Galerie Obere Zäune in Zurich were some of those. These gallerists should be considered as the pioneers that, besides the artists themselves, were needed to accept computer art as a genuine development of fine art (and not just as a, perhaps, exotic flower).


1942 born in Berlin
1961-66 studies journalism, German literature and dramaturgy at FU Berlin
1966-72 owner / curator of »galerie daedalus«, Berlin
1969-70 curator for exhibitions at the Goethe Institutes in Thessaloniki, Athens (Greece), Ankara (Turkey), Beirut (Lebanon), Alexandria (Egypt)
1972-90 manager of »Interessengemeinschaft Berliner Kunsthändler« (Association of Art Dealers) Berlin. During this time also main editor of »Berliner Kunstblatt«
1992-2002 editor of »Berliner Kunstkalender«, jointly with his wife, Angelika Heidrich. This magazine was published monthly (with double issues in July/August and December/January) by »Verlag Angelika Heidrich«. It broadly announced exhibitions by private galleries, museums, and art associations.
2004 owner / curator of private gallery »Heidrichs Kunsthandlung«, Berlin. Since 2009, he has been operating it without exhibitions but still selling works of art.
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