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creators: Reiner H. Schneeberger
title: Mondrian21

" In 2007 the Programmed Art Society (German Computer Graphics and Art e.V – www.gcgca.de) will celebrate the 80 birthday of Herbert W. Franke. There will be a great exhibition at the Bremer Kunsthalle -www.kunsthalle-bremen.de – showing the “Franke archive” containing about 40 years of computerart. As a special event at the grand opening of the exhibition in June 2007 the program MONDRIAN, developed 1979 by Franke, now reborn under Windows XP, will be presented. In 2007 and 2008 there will be a roadshow with Franke in Europe with art discussions and a visual computerart “flashback” to the 70s with MONDRIAN. Artists are invited to use the program under a special open licence (free for download). A selection of the results, created with the Franke “keyboard driven” MONDRIAN 1979 language will be presented to the public and will be available on the roadshow and on the Franke DVD produced by former students of Franke. In addition to the historic program, MONDRIAN21 under Windows allows to reproduce a performance via a “batch like” file, called VERNISSAGE (its a .txt file which contains the codes and the timing).

To start with MONDRIAN21 is very simple. It takes a few minutes to download and install. To build up a good performance support via Skype and email is granted.

Documentation for download: http://www.mondrian21.com/english/mondrian.pdf (500 KB)
An example for a VERNISSAGE:
http://www.mondrian21.com/mondrian_wincorder_demo.avi (4,5 MB)

Contact: Reiner Schneeberger, info@gcgca.de "

Extracted from http://rhizome.org/discuss/view/22993


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