»Portrait Albert Einstein« by Herbert W. Franke | i |
creators: Herbert W. Franke
title: Portrait Albert Einstein
also known as: Porträt Albert Einstein
year: 1973

photograph, c., computer-aided

Computer-transformed photographic scan
Color photographs
50 × 30 cm each

artwork type: photograph

Bildspeicher N
Produced at Siemens, Erlangen

“First, a black-and-white photograph of Albert Einstein was transformed into a blue grid pattern with 64 × 64 fields. The image information, encoded on paper tape, was loaded into the Bildspeicher N, which had been developed by Hans-Jilrgen van Kranenbrock and Helmut Schenk of Siemens AG, Erlangen, and was subjected to various geometric computing processesextensive adjustment calculation, spreading of the sixteen colors, and so forth. This led to increasing abstraction and simplification and ended in complete dissolution of the content of the image.”
[Herbert W. Franke in: tendencije 5, exhib. cat., Galerija suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb, 1973, n. p. In: Rosen, 2011]

“The “Bildspeicher N” [Image Memory Nl was a visualization device used in the field of diagnostic nuclear medicine imaging. It was an additional unit for the scanner, the Scintimat 2. This device detected and recorded the radiation emitted by radiopharmaceuticals which had been taken by the patient. On the Bildspeicher N connected to the scanner. it was possible to call up various image-processing programs with a simple push of a button, and the results could be viewed on its monitor. The monitor images were documented with a Polaroid or 35 mm camera." Source: [Rosen, 2011]


Herbert W. Franke

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