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title: Tendencies 5 Section: Computer Visual Research

This exhibition was one of the three sections of the Tendencies 5 (fifth international event of the New Tendencies), which took place from June 1st to July 1th, 1973. It was dedicated to visual research by means of computers and it aimed to show that there was no crisis of motivation and method in this field, only critical situations in relation to such research. The “computer visual research” section reinforced what early representatives of the New Tendencies said about “art” and the social position and the tasks of artists-investigators, which had become more pronounced in visual visual research by means of machines. The exhibition of computerists was also an occasion to reexamine the problems which have sprung up after the dissemination of views based on information theory.
[Radoslav Putar. Originally published in tendencije 5, exhib. cat., Galerija suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb, 1973, n. p. in: Rosen, 2011

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