»P-300/B« by Manfred Mohr | i |
creators: Manfred Mohr
title: P-300/B
year: 1980

Drawing: computer-generated, ink on paper
Programming language: FORTRAN IV
Computer: CDC 7600 supercomputer, which employed a flatbed Benson plotter to “draw” the image with ink on paper
Size: 27 ½” x 27 ½”, framed

artwork type: drawing
collections: Anne and Michael Spalter Collection

“In “Divisibility”, the cube is used again as a fixed structure to generate signs. The cube is divided into four sections by a horizontal and a vertical cut. Four independent rotations of a cube are projected onto the corresponding quadrants created by the cut. In order to visually stabilize the structure, two diagonally opposed quadrants (top right and bottom left), contain the same rotation. In the first part of this work phase (1980-84), the “four-cut” is the basic structure with which the “out-lines” form shapes and the “in-lines” form signs."

Exhibition catalog: Manfred Mohr, “Divisibility”, Galerie Gilles Gheerbrant, Montréal 1981, quoted from Mohr, 2011.

“Artist Manfred Mohr, who arrived at digital art via abstract expressionism, made ink-on-paper plotter drawings (…) by writing programs in [”FORTRAN IV":languagetype@4]. Météo-France, the French national meteorology service, let him use a large plotter at night and on weekends, and he tried out his programs there. The resulting image, in this case, is both geometrical and organic, the grid intruding on the black forms and the negative space insisting on being seen." [Phillips, 2011]

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