»Untitled« by Otto Beckmann / Gerd Koepf | i |
creators: Otto Beckmann / Gerd Koepf
title: Untitled
year: 1969

photograph, c., computer-generated

artwork type: photograph

Lasergraphik from Otto Beckmann and Gerd Koepf in 1969.
They called this images "diffraction images, which Beckmann recorded as Photographs.

For this images, al laser was directed onto a transparent card containing computer-generated information. In this way the diffraction images were produced on a screen positoned behind the card. Beckmann recorded those images using photography.

This work was part of the ars intermedia time.

[cf. Beckmann, R., 1997, p.21 and Herzogenrath et al., 2007, p. 310]

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