»Oscillon No. 4 (Electronic Abstraction)« by Ben F. Laposky | i |
creators: Ben F. Laposky
title: Oscillon No. 4 (Electronic Abstraction)
year: 1954-1956

photograph, b/w

oscilliscope, high speed film, photo paper
16.5” x 13”, framed

artwork type: photograph
collections: Anne and Michael Spalter Collection
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posted about 4 years ago
Hello there! I am a student form Italy writing a thesis on computer graphics. May I use this pic inside my work quoting this page?
posted about 4 years ago
(General advice: if you want to get in touch with us directly, you must provide your email address.) We cannot give you the right to use any images. However, for scientific purposes ...? In the current case, you must approach the Anne and Michael Spalter Collection. – Frieder Nake
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