»Random War« by Charles "Chuck" Csuri / James Shaffer | i |
creators: Charles "Chuck" Csuri / James Shaffer
title: Random War
year: 1967

drawing, c., computer-generated

lithography (silkscreen) after plotter drawing
51,0 × 76,0 cm
IBM 7094, drum plotter
Programmed by C.C. and James Shaffer

artwork type: drawing
collections: Sammlung Clarissa

Portfolio Edition, Computer Graphic from ICA Exhibition Cybernetic Serendipity, Motif Editions, London

“A drawing was made of one toy soldier and this became the data deck. A computer program which generates random numbers is called a pseudorandom number generator. Such a program determined the distribution and position of 400 soldiers on the battlefield. One side is called the “Red” and the other one the “Black”, and the names of real people were given to the program. Another computer program assigned military ranks and army serial numbers at random. The random number generator determined the following information and the computer made this picture with the casualty list: 1) Dead 2) Wounded 3) Missing 4) Survivors 5) One Hero for each side 6) Medals for Valor 7) Good Conduct 8) Efficiency Medals.” [Csuri and Shaffer, 1968], [cf. Rosen, 2011, p. 258]


Collection Clarissa, Sprengel Museum, Hannover

Owned by institutions
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