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title: Tendencies 4 (1968), Symposium (1968)
type: Event

Tendencies 4 started with a symposium under the title “Computers and Visual Research”. This colloquy (as the Zagreb organizers called it) took place on August 3rd and 4th, 1968. During these two days, the following speakers presented (or had sent their) papers: Marc Adrian, Kurd Alsleben, Alberto Biasi, Vladimir Bonačić, Herbert W. Franke, Branimir Makanec, Matko Meštrović, Abraham A. Moles, Vladimir Muljević, Frieder Nake, Vjenceslav Richter, Zdenko Šternberg, Božo Težak, and Jiří Valoch.

Leslie Mezei send a paper?

Other events of the Tendencies 4 were:

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