»Ninety Parallel Sinusoids With Linearly Increasing Period« by A. Michael Noll | i |
creators: A. Michael Noll
title: Ninety Parallel Sinusoids With Linearly Increasing Period
year: early 1960s

drawing, b/w, computer generated.
Ink on paper
Size: 18 × 19 cm (graphic), 21,8 × 27,8 cm (sheet)
FORTRAN on IBM 7090, printed with Stromberg-Carlson 4020 microfilm-plotter

artwork type: drawing

aka “Ninety computer-generated sinusoids with linearly increasing period.” (A. Michael Noll. “Computers and the Visual Arts”, 1967)

This computer drawing is based on a painting by Bridget Riley.

“Many ‘Op Art’ are very regular and mathematical in design. The computer is very adept at constructing purely mathematical pictures and hence should be considerable value to ‘Op’ artists. the drudgery of drawing or painting complex designs such as those in moire paintings can be easily done by the machine. As an example, Bridget Riley’s paintings *Current*__ is a series of parallel lines that mathematically can be specified as sine waves with linearly increasing period. such a formulation of her painting enabled the computer to calculate an array of points based upon a simple mathematical formula. the plotter then connected the points to produce the finished results shown here. "

Michael A. Noll. Referred from Pg 159 .Cybernetics, Arts and Ideas

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