»CYSP 1« by Nicolas Schöffer | i |
creators: Nicolas Schöffer
title: CYSP 1
year: 1956

Steel and durable aluminum, mixed media, electronics.


The name, CYSP, is an acronym of Cybernetic Spatiodynamic. The first spatiodynamic sculpture, having total autonomy of movement (travel in all directions at two speeds) as well as axial and eccentric rotation (setting in motion of its 16 pivoting polychromed plates).

The sculpture is celebrated as an early and first work of cybernetic character that made it into the world of art. This means that the concept of feedback played an important role for the sculpture’s behavior.

CYSP 1 also played a prominent role in a number of ballet performances. Changes in the environment by the movements of the dancers were picked up and input into the sculpture’s control mechanisms.

Constructed with support by engineers of the Philips Corporation. It is a complex interactive installation with electronic basis. Sensors picked up signals for color, light intensity, and sound intensity from the environment. The signals then controlled the sculpture’s behavior.

The book by Ed Shanken, mentioned in the references below, on p. 62 contains a large photograph of the electronic (robotic) sculpture.

posted almost 9 years ago
To whom it may concern, my name is Jenny Graser and I am currently working on my Phd thesis about Swiss artist Jean Tinguely. I am writing regarding the image of Nicolas Schöffer's sculpture "CYSP 1". I would like to kindly ask if it were possible to receive a high-res jpg-file (300 dpi) of this image, I could use in my Phd thesis. I look forward to hearing from you and remain with kind regards, Jenny Graser
posted about 7 years ago
Dear Colleagues, I'm also hoping to acquire a high-resolution digital image of this work (at least 300 dpi) for an upcoming publication. Would you have a file, or would you know where I could find one? With best wishes, Crystal Dombrow Image Acquisition Specialist The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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