»Achsenparalleler Polygonzug 25/2/65 Nr. 14« by Frieder Nake | i |
creators: Frieder Nake
title: Achsenparalleler Polygonzug 25/2/65 Nr. 14
also known as: Rectangular Random Polygon 25/2/65 No. 14
year: 1965

drawing, c., computer-generated

China ink on paper, colored, four times the same pattern offset
22.5 × 31.3 cm

artwork type: drawing

Computer-generated drawing, ink on paper, original drawing in an edition of 130
22.4×31.1 cm
SEL ER 56, Zuse-Graphomat Z64
Programmed in machine code ER 56
Produced at Teschinische Hochschule, Stuttgart

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