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title: ars intermedia - Werkbeiträge zur Computerkunst

Date: 10.11 – 26.11.1971
Venue: Zentralsparkasse Vienna, Austria

This show with the title “ars intermedia – Werkbeiträge zur Computerkunst” [ars intermedia – Contributions to Computer Arts] was sponsored by the savings bank in Vienna and was dedicated to the works of the group ars intermedia. It was later (1971-1972) shown in Hamburg and Klagenfurt, Germany as well. It was shown under the new title "Werkbeiträge zur Computerkunst/Sztuka Komputerowa Grupy “ars intermedia”" in Warsaw, Zagreb and others (1974-1974). In 1975 it moved to the Technical University Istanbul under the title “Bilgisayar Santati ars intermedia Grubunun Calismalari”. [cf. Peer and Weibel, 2008, p. 470]

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