Buchladen und Galerie Wendelin Niedlich | i |
name: Buchladen und Galerie Wendelin Niedlich
location: Stuttgart (Germany)

Galerie Wendelin Niedlich during the 1960s and 1970s played an important role in the art scene in Stuttgart (Germany) and, at a few occasions, even beyond.

Wendelin Niedlich himself came to Stuttgart in 1960 to open his Buchladen (bookstore) dedicated to modern literature and the Kritische Theorie of the Frankfurt School (Adorno, Horkheimer, Habermas, et al.). Enlightenment and critique of society and culture was Niedlich’s mission.

He soon began using the walls of his premises to arrange exhibitions of contemporary and experimental art.

From 5th to 26th November 1965, Wendelin Niedlich exhibited graphic works by Frieder Nake and Georg Nees under the title Computer-Grafik Programme. A text of Max, Bense was read by Reinhard Döhl during the opening. This exhibition became the third worldwide of computer art and through this fact gained international importance.


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