Erzeugung ästhetischer Objekte | i |
title: Erzeugung ästhetischer Objekte
year: 1968
Bibliographic Entry

Nake, Frieder 1968. Erzeugung ästhetischer Objekte. In: Nicht-numerische Informationsverarbeitung, ed. Rul Gunzenhäuser. Wien:Springer Verlag

This early paper already contains Nake’s concepts of information aesthetics (as developed by others), a model of the generative process, a formal definition of an aesthetic program, the dependency on random numbers, a layered model of aesthetic production by computers, and an example as an application.

The volume to which this computer art contribution was made is most remarkable. It appeared around the time when in West-Germany first steps were being taken to introduce computer science as a separate discipline of study. At this time, the collection of 23 contributions spans a wide spectrum through all areas then considered as important applications of computer technology outside the realm of numerics.

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